The house, or farmhouse, is in a spectacular position. It looks out onto the surrounding greenery reminiscent of African landscapes, with the panorama interspersed with secular trees and woods. The 360 degree view stretches from Vetralla, with its grand duomo, all the way to Viterbo via the Monti Cimini, Montefiascone and the picturesque town of Tuscania in the distance.

Behind the main house is a unique courtyard paved with large ancient Roman basalt rocks. It is enhanced by a modern 12 metre drinking fountain, reminiscent of the old fonts that were typical of the surrounding villages in bygone days, in which guests used to freshen up.

Within the farm house, the furniture reflects the eclectic taste of the owner, combining design elements and objects from the 1950s with antique pieces like the fireplaces and several chests of drawers. Ample space is given to Persian carpets, an impeccably-tuned century-old piano and Mexican drums – while at the centre of it all, stands a large dining table made from a fossilised millennial tree from New Zealand. The kitchen’s style is in complete contrast to the rest of the house: ultra-modern with cutting edge equipment.